This is a difficult time of year for many people whether it is getting their eating in check or staying on track...that's where I come in! Cue delicious foods and a slim waist line!


  • Be the one to bring the healthy foods, whether this is to a party or to dinner YOU be the good influence!
  • If you know there will not be healthy options, eat a little something before hand (I usually do shakeology with peanut butter).
  • Load your plate with 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 carbs! Always eat your veggies first to fuel up!
  • Drink water!!
  • Exercise the day of! This will not only keep you accountable but will help you make better decisions knowing what you already accomplished!
  • Indulge...yes I said it! But just a little :-) If you love your gam gam's homemade pie and stuffing have that and then go easy on the potatoes (everything in moderation!)
  • Limit alcohol, juices, and soda
  • Take small, slow bites! Savor the flavor!
This is an interesting one in my what works for you?

Mike will eat most things but prefers cookies and sweets if he can get away with it!

With the weather and times changing for most of us I know this time of year is an easy one to start slacking on workouts and eating healthy BUT trust me you do NOT want to do that!! This is the time of year most people pack on an average of 10 pounds with all the eating, not working out and just being plain old tired! Not only those things to keep in mind BUT cold and flu season are bearing down…these all increase your chances of illness as well!!

Avoid it:

~Workout most days of the week (shoot for a minimum of 3-4)

~Drink your shakeology! With all the nutrients and vitamins in it you are adding a nice little immunity booster into your life!

~Schedule the workouts so you do not have a chance of skipping them

~Find healthier alternatives to some of your favorite recipes

~Buddy up! Keep each other on track and make it fun!!

I'm not sure about you, but I am NOT a morning person! Here are my tips that help me get up early and get some stuff done!!

Are you a morning person?
'Tis the season of illness for most people…kids, coworkers, spouses etc.

Rather than putting yourself out of commission with health and fitness try some preventative measures instead!

~Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often! Most germs are spread through touching!

~Coughing, sneezing, and wheezing like Dracula! “The vampire” into your shoulder instead of where other people are!

~Take your vitamins, whether in shakeology or a complete multivitamin

~Get plenty of rest, poor sleep patterns decrease your immune system and make easier for germs to spread!

~Water and fluids…keep everything flushing through your body!

~If you are sick, stay home! No need to infect everyone else!

~Get your vaccinations to decrease risk of the flu and other viruses

~Exercise…did I need to mention this one? YES! It boosts your immune function and keeps your body firing on all cylinders!

Eating clean and working are sometimes not things that go hand in hand but it is possible!! Preparedness and a little planning can take you to where you want to go with your goals!

First let’s meet the enemies: vending machines, food trucks, dining out too many days, Soda/fake juice machines and copious amounts of junk you put in your coffee!

Your allies:

~ Pre-packed foods you can keep at your desk : almonds/ other nut varieties, protein bars (low in sugar- try Quest!), fruits (apples, oranges, bananas), whole wheat salt free pretzels (on occasions), shakeology, jerky (low sodium).

~Packing food from home for your meals (I do this daily to stay on track!)

~If you are going out to eat order first and do a little research of what is healthy on the menu! Don’t be peer pressured into eating garbage!!

~Just say no to food trucks! There are seldom ones that are healthy and it’s a very easy way to pack on fat and calories!

~Keep your own coffee/tea clean elements at your desk! Stevia, agave, honey can all be kept right where you sit. Consider using milk instead of creamer as well because it is loaded with sugar and calories!

Cravings, we all get them but the big question is how should you handle them?

It's important to recognize the differences between hunger and a craving so that it's easier to tell the two apart.

Hunger is your actual need to physically eat food. As living things we must eat in order to survive so yes...hunger is definitely something to address! By definition, hunger is the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need of food. Cue in gurgling, growling, and that empty hollow feeling! If you are actually hungry, any food will cure those pangs.

Start paying attention to these cues and understanding when you are a little hungry versus actually about to bite someone's head off!

This chart ^ is a pretty good reference to use!

A craving on the other hand is a desire for a specific food... pizza, candy, junk. Usually these are foods high in carbs and junk and out side of your usual realm of eating.

A craving will generally hit when there is something else going on in the background, stress, boredom etc. The key is to recognize these triggers and unless you are allowing yourself a treat meal or special occasion stay away and go do something else. Take your mind off it!
Some tips:
Go for  a walk
Chew gum
Listen to music
Read a book


A cheat meal can do wonders for you both mentally and physically but not all the time!
I hear this one a lot..what time is best for me to work out? Morning, afternoon, night time?

The biggest thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong time of the day to workout...the best time is the time you will get your work out in!

If you are not a morning person and cannot switch up your schedule, chances are trying to force that habit is not going to work well.

My tip: schedule your workouts like any other appointment you have (doctor's, hair appointment, etc) and make it non-negotiable.

If someone asks you if you are free say NO! This is your dedicated work on self time and we need it! Don't feel guilty, you scheduled it!

Workout when you have the most energy and are the most excited to throw on those work out clothes and move your booty!!
I’m so excited…I just can’t hide it! So you guys know how when you are a kid and you love all the classic movies…Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, and you dream so much that you could just see them? That was me at least! I loveeeeed princess movies! I wanted to go to Disney so badly as a kid and we never ended up going. Bummer for any kid really, but guess who at 23 has earned herself and her boyfriend a FREE trip? ME!! Man I am so excited! I mean really…I earned it!! Not only do we get free park passes (eeeee squeal) we get to go workout with the hottest trainers (Tony Horton, Shaun T, ya know the awesome people!) but we get to hang out with some of our favorite people also!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given and the one small leap of faith I made has made all the difference.

Thank you Beachbody!!

I think  I am the most excited for Mike honestly…as much as I always wanted to see the princesses I know he has always wanted to go to Disney and see the castle; also he treats ME like a princess so the least I can do is take him ;-)

Any rides or places we have to visit down there?

Who is your favorite?