So I have had this come up a lot lately so I figured I would explain and go over this!

Meal prepping- different for everyone I suppose but for me this means setting one day (usually a weekend day or a day off) and cooking in bulk most of what I will need for meals during the week.
    *Includes: meats (chicken, extra lean ground turkey, lean beef on occasions etc.), cutting up veggies for ease, baking protein bars, cooking any pastas/rices etc.

We are all SO busy...eating should not be stressful nor should it be unhealthy. Living a busy life should not prevent you from having a lean and clean body! So writing out a grocery list, meal plan, and prep list for the weeks helps keep  me on track and from grabbing junk foods! It's just easier that way other wise I am likely to reach for one of my boyfriends cookies/pretzels/ other junk I should not eat (he has the metabolism of a 12 year old boy).

This keeps me on track, meeting my goals, and it sure as heck saves money at the store knowing what to grab!!

So what do you do?
I decide what I need for the week and then measure and portion it out so that I can just grab and go with my meals!

Next step...
decide what you want to eat and what you can prep ahead of time, prepare, package, enjoy :-)

What do you cook in bulk?
Let's face it Halloween is one of those holidays that people just love to eat...and right fully so! No one said you shouldn't have a good time and enjoy but do it in a smart way so you don't side track your goals!

Healthy is a lifestyle not a fad so keep that in mind before you make yourself feel awful!

First thing's first set up some rules for yourself and your family! This will keep everyone from over eating and arguing later!

~Whether it is a party or trick or treating make sure you eat a meal that is satisfying and clean before going! I recommend something with healthy fats, protein, and clean complex carbs! (If you are trying to limit sweets a good way to "trick your mind" is too eat something with natural sugars--think a Pb and 1/2 banana/berries/ fruit sandwich and some almonds or some shakeology)

~ Get active that day also!! Those feel good hormones will help keep your mind clear and reminded of your goals!

~For parties:
      *Be the one to bring the healthy snack to ensure you will have something if you do get hungry
      *Load your plate with veggies, fruits, protein, then carbs (most party carbs are simple and loaded with junk)
      *Socialize away from the food--- we all know we are more prone to snack when bored!

~For trick or treat:
        * Drink plenty of water and alternate between it and gum
        * Take healthy snacks with you to eat on the go
        * Buy candy last minute so it isn't sitting in your house tempting you and do NOT buy your favorites!
        * Sort and ration candy-- donate or throw away non favorites
        * Out of site out of mind!-- freeze it or put it away in the pantry so you are not constantly staring at it!
       * Indulge a little!--set limits for yourself so you do not end up over killing the candy

~Also consider making your favorite treats healthier (post coming on Reese's Peanut Butter Clean Cups etc!

What are your favorite Halloween treats?

Are you keeping this year clean?

One of my favorite things about eating clean and the holidays is definitely baking and cooking. Anything from fun treats to seasonal classic dishes!

But sticking to clean eating is not a problem! You can still enjoy those foods but for less, it just takes some creative thinking and prep!

Some of my favorites:
•Greek yogurt-can be great in place of butter!!
Great for baking, dips, and sauces
( I use it in Mac and cheese, buffalo chicken, for cookies/brownies)
•Unsweetened apple sauce
Baking!! I use this for a sweetener/binding
•Frozen bananas
Also great for binding or in place of ice cream! Mash, freeze, stir with your favorite protein powder, unsweetened cocoa, peanut butter, etc!
Use as breaking, for flour (grind to make oat flower)
•Low sodium products- soy sauce, broths, etc
•Pb2 powder
Lower calorie dehydrated peanut butter great for mixing with shakes and baking!
I use this versus regular whey for same amount of protein + nutrients galore!!

The fun is getting creative and trying new things! What do you bake with?
1 can of no salt added chick peas
1 can of no salt added diced tomatoes
1 large zucchini
2 chicken breasts
spices of your desire--I added onion powder and a little salt and pepper
Brown rice

To cook:
1) spray/oil pan and cook cubed chicken until mostly cooked
2) add in zucchini slices--cook until chicken is browned to your liking and zucchini is tender.
3) add in tomatoes and chick peas-- allow to simmer and mix together for about 10 minutes
4) serve over brown rice if desired!

LOVED the flavor with this recipe, such a fun new way to do chicken!

Also new this weekend, we painted our kitchen! Hooray! We got so tired of looking at it half primed and prepped so we finally just broke down and painted! Let me tell you taping for those things is SOOO AWFUL! Thank God Mike did it so I could do my Chest/ab/ cardio for Livefit ( !

Of course afterwards I needed a giant nap to prepare for sushi and a haunted house!

I love really is my absolute favorite holiday so it was fun going with some friends to see the "#1 rated haunted house in MD". It was definitely creepy!

Also top movie picks that I have watched:
1) Ugly Truth--all things Katherine Heigl are amazing!
2) Avengers--hello a bunch of attractive men flying around 24/7--it was really a great movie!! Action, a little love, great graphics, and the playful banter of the cast!
3) Wraith of the Titans-If you saw the first one you will love this one or if you just love Greek mythology definitely a good watch!

As you can see I am so much more of a homebody buttttttttttttttt I do love movies!

Watch any good ones lately? 

So getting my boyfriend to eat veggies is a miracle so when we find a recipe he loves we make it...a lot! I am pretty good with veggies there are a few I am not a fan of (artichokes, mushrooms, and a fruit=blueberries YUCK!).

Also, quick foods help too!

So here was dins last night

Before ^
I'll post these officially under recipes too but here was how and what I did! And these were obviously perfect VP debate food ;-)
2 large zucchini
1/2 package of lean ground turkey
EVOO (I used the spray)
I suck as spices so I used a blend--Italian blend
1/4 c reduced fat cheese or Parmesan would be good!
veggies: onions, garlic, tomato, bell pepper, 1/2 jalapeno
bread crumbs--I made mine from ezekiel bread (just ripping)
2 egg whites
*PREHEAT OVEN to 400 Degrees*
1) slice zucchini in half, scoop out "guts"--set aside
2) place zucchini in a baking pan (I use foil to avoid a huge mess and sticking)
3) cover bottom of pan with about 1/4 inch of water- set aside
4) sautee veggies and garlic until tender
5) add back in zucchini guts and ground turkey
6) cook until done then allow to cool for 10-15 min
7) mix in egg whites (make sure this has cooled or these will cook before oven!)
8) scoop into boats
9) top with bread crumbs, cheese, and evoo mist
10) I baked mine for 35 minutes but can be 30-40--just keep checking depending on your oven!
Enjoy :-)
Is  it me or is the weather/season change making anyone else sooo tired? I get between 6-8 and I am still zonked!

On another note…

So I really need to get better at taking more pictures, I have tried out like 10 new recipes and have yet to post them which is dumb because they were amazing—boyfriend approved too!

So look forward to:

  • Turkey zucchini boats
  • Clean chicken and broccoli alfredo
  • Clean Mac and Cheese
  • Clean Chicken and Dumplings
  • Chicken Minestrone
  • Spicy Sweet potato fries
  • Clean pizza-cauliflower crust

I really love cooking like a lot…too bad I get home at like 6:30 so it does tend to take a while but hey it is so worth it for me!

  • Spices are also so huge for me right now…I am loving:
  • Red curry
  • Tony Chechins (spelling?)
  • Cayenne
  • And Cumin!


Any fun recipes you want me to try for the week? I am making my list and meal plans now!!

Also does your significant other support your healthy habits and foods?

My newest addiction…SUSHI!

So this weekend was a pretty fun one in my books…Mike and I didn’t really have any strict plans but it turned out to be a packed weekend with lots of yummy and mostly (cough cough) healthy foods, drinks, and friends!

Friday was an awesome band and some delish Mexican food (after a killer double workout it was very tasty to fuel up) plus it’s pretty easy to eat healthy at those restaurants! Here was my workout  today >

I am however supplementing the cardio with the insanity workouts!  Also, on a side note I found the band for our someday wedding! Check them out > Oracle Band  ( They are a really fun cover band so be sure to give them a like!

And Saturday was wonderful…I just love fall and the cooler weather so we decided with October and my favorite holiday approaching it was sooo time for some pumpkins and festive deco in our house! And it just so happened my best friend and her boyfriend just moved to the area (YAYA!) so we went to pick some pumpkins and dinner! It is always soo great to catch up and I was even able to eat clean while out…with the exception of the white rice but hey no one is perfect!

Not sure how things work for you guys at your house but Sundays are usually our chill/rest from workouts, clean, and prep for the week ahead days and we did do someof that hahaha…but here comes the newest love SUSHI! I have tried it before but was not nearly in love with it like I was this weekend! Ahhh I am craving it just thinking about it! So I ended up trying a whole bunch of rolls from the traditional spicy tuna, veggie, rainbow, salmon, and tempura to some specialty rolls with…get this EEL! I know I know but it was sooo good!

So some healthy sushi ideas:
~go for sashimi if you can handle the just flesh
~Avoid the spicy mayo (I know it is tasty but so not good for you!)
~Tempura anything= fried
~Go for brown rice instead of white
~Add veggies
~Low sodium soy sauce is a must!
~ Try cucumber wraps in place of seaweed and rice if you'd like
~Opt for high protein rolls like salmon and tuna versus eel, octopus, etc.

Also, with October here I felt like it was time for some new goals so here they are!

What are your biggest food addictions—good or bad?