Well you guessed...Phase 1 is done and in the books!

I completed phase 1 of P90x2 in 4 weeks and these are my thoughts/results/tips!

First let me start with this...I LOVED P90x and never thought I could adore it or Tony Horton any more...well news flash I think P90x2 with a little added intense cardio is my soul mate workout! I have always LOVED to workout but sometimes that was deprioritized...until last year! I kicked my booty back into shape and can now say yes, I am an ATHLETE! I was always the tall skinny chick who could "never gain" well let me just say I could/can, I did, but I was "skinny fat" and in need of a change...so here I am 1 year later...working my butt off and loving it!! P90x2 = <3

P90x vs. P90x2 P90x2 has been very different from P90x so far...same concepts of muscle confusion, the rep ranges (for most workouts) and it is still simplifying the same difficult concepts and making them more accessible to those of us not as familiar with these concepts!

  • focused total body training
  • a TON of core work (like in absolutely every video)
  • shorter workouts
  • more flexible schedule
  • no "traditional cardio"
  • no recovery week (unless you absolutely need it!!)
  • less of a structured time frame--the goal is to master and improve each workout and because this it is based solely on your progress
  • stability is a focus for all workouts
  • 5 days a week instead of 6~you need rest (I use day 6 for cardio and day 7 off completely)

  • yoga (but it's shorter)
  • plyocide (shorter and more intense)
  • lifting schedule- you hit all the muscle groups but is more focused on large muscle groups (so far)
  • there are still modifications but this is a tougher workout so the modifications are tougher too!
More fun tools/gear:
stability ball
medicine balls
push up stands (same)
pull up bar (same)
bands/ dumbbells (same)
foam rollers
yoga mat
yoga block
pull up max (instead of a chair)

Similar...but more options!!
Grain free
~shakeology built in too!

TONS of new foods and recipes, same 3 plans, fat shredder, athletic, etc!
What the workouts look like:
Are you ready for X2?
See my day by day account >http://www.youtube.com/user/BethSimpler/videos
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